Why did we create Body Beautiful?

What ever your reasons maybe for fuller lips, a nose job or lipo, you need to feel comfortable with your choices.

With limited, trusted sources for surgical and non-surgical procedures, information is key.

Body Beautiful is the only exhibition of its kind in the UK, designed with you in mind, offering information and choice.

You will be able to…

  • Meet and compare a variety of clinics, MediSpas and Cosmetic industry professionals in one location.
  • Whether body contouring, surgery, fillers, Hair, or dental – Discuss your options, face to face.
  • Learn about surgical and non-surgical procedures.
  • Understand risks, recovery times & results.
  • Book follow-up consultations or procedures
  • Listen to live speakers, cosmetic professionals, Surgeons and members of the public regarding their experience (pre and post procedure).
  • See live demos
  • Be introduced to and purchase new cosmetic products and gadgets
Body Beautiful offers an unparalleled cosmetic procedure visitor experience.

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For more Event information, please visit the Exhibitors Page and the Speakers Page for details.

Visitor Advice

It is vital you understand what your elected procedure entails.

You must

  • Get the correct advice
  • Ask as many questions as you can
  • Never feel rushed
  • Understand the risks and potential complications
  • If you are electing for surgery, meet your surgeon
  • Do they have suitable insurance?
  • For surgical and non-surgical procedures ask to see the professional’s level of training, their qualifications and the amount of relevant experience they have.

Some very useful websites to assist you…

NHS Choices guide to cosmetic procedures

NHS Choices guide to Non-Surgical Procedures

NHS Choices guide to Surgical Procedures

NHS Choices guide to choosing a Surgeon for Cosmetic Surgery

Checking a Surgeon is registered with the General Medical Council

Checking the Hospital or Clinic are registered with the Care Quality Commission

Body Beautiful aims to offer visitors an impartial cosmetic industry view. Apple Market Events Ltd (The Creators of Body Beautiful) do not endorse or support any exhibitor, their products or practices. It is the responsibility of the visitor to investigate and make their own decisions in terms of purchasing products, having treatments, procedures or consultations. Please view our Visitor Terms and conditions for more information.